Coffee Shop Noise Can Boost Creativity

photo Café du Monde 3 by  PhotoFox5000

photo Café du Monde 3 by PhotoFox5000

There’s something about the hum and activity in a coffee shop that can actual spark creativity according to many. In fact author J. K. Rowling is famously known for having written the first Harry Potter novel in a coffee shop.

How the hum of a coffee shop can boost creativity, a NY Times article, explains some of the science of why the ambient noise of coffee shop clatter, can actually help a writer to get into the creative zone.

For those of us who write at odd times, or just can’t make it to a coffee shop, there’s a new app, Coffitivity, that brings that ambient coffee shop clatter to you wherever you are. Open the Coffitivity website itself in a tab on your web browser or download the app for iPhone/iPad or Android (still in Beta but available in the Google Play store). The app features three “flavours” of ambient coffee shop sounds: Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge, and University Undertones to suit your creative muse’s preference and more are to come.

Personally, I don’t find I can work well in coffee shops due to the visual distractions around me (I people watch too much instead of writing) than the sounds. I bought the Coffitivity apps for both iPad and Android ($1.99 each) for my writing sessions at home to try this week and I do find that the hum of the coffee shop sounds (I prefer Lunchtime Lounge) does help me get into a writing zone even at 5am on my living room sofa without the visual distractions of a coffee shop atmosphere. It’s definitely one of my favourite new weapons in my NaNoWriMo arsenal.

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